Product Demo – Agent Referrals Platform

Watch below videos to learn more about the agent referrals platform.

Quick Platform Overview

Inbound, Outbound Referrals Exchange. Track, Manage Referrals.

Agent Referrals Networking. View Partner Agents Network On The Map.

Agent Referral Ads. Attract More Direct Inbound Referrals.

Quick Platform Overview

  • Broadcast, attract, track agent referrals
  • Build your own private referral network
  • Advertise your referral agent services

Inbound, Outbound Referrals Exchange

  • Track, manage your referrals.
  • Exchange inbound, outbound agent referrals easily.
  • Create outbound referrals. Send to one or broadcast to more for multiple offers.
  • Review, accept inbound referrals.
  • Keep updated of referral transaction until the close and referral fee is paid.
  • Avoid lost referrals.
  • Mobile ready app.

Agent Referrals Networking

  • Build your own partner agents network (My Network). View your network on the map.
  • Invite an agent for connection. Review and accept pending invitations.
  • Search for motivated referral agents across the USA, at client desired location.
  • Filter for agents with specializations, languages, referral offer fee rate and more.
  • View agent profile details with their branding, social profiles, past sales information.

Agent Referral Ads

  • Innovative digital ads to attract more direct inbound referrals and increase the referral network.
  • Create an ad quickly using pre designed templates or upload your own branded ad image.
  • Search for highly motivated agents at client desired location and check out their referral service offers.

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