Private Branded Application

White-label solution offers a way to provide your own private Referrals.io application. Manage the agents, referrals in your site and customize the Referrals.io branding experience for your agents.

Solutions For:

  • Referrals Brokerage: Build a nationwide referrals brokerage powered by modern technology. Offer referrals app packed with features. Your agents will love the ease and convenience.
  • Real Estate Brokerage: Build your own trusted nationwide agents network. Offer private network access, enable your agents to connect with each other, manage, distribute referrals and increase the business from referrals.
  • Facebook, Private Referral Groups: Offer complimentary solution to your group. Members will receive automated alerts when there is a referral near them, sign contracts, and track the referrals automatically.
  • Lead Generation Companies: System to manage, distribute qualified leads as no upfront cost referral leads to motivated agents.

Customized Website

Custom Branded Emails

Manage Agents and Referrals

As a private Referrals.io instance administrator, you have access to admin section, where you can manage the referrals.

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